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WEEK 46 - Sunday, November 10, 2019 to Saturday, November 16, 2019

SUNDAY, November 10

Mission Focus:  Wesley House Family Services
Key West, Florida


No Birthdays Listed Today
Pray for Disaster Victims and Those Who Minister to Them
MONDAY, November 11

Mission Focus: Burundi.  Burundi Annual Conference of the East Africa Episcopal Area.  Women’s Coordinator: 
Valentine Cimpaye. 

Diane Hassell - Deaconess
17251 Ingram Lane
Amelia, VA 23002
TUESDAY, November 12

Mission Focus:  Sierra Leone.  Sierra Leone Annual Conference.  Young Women’s Coordinator: 
Mary Nguanya Foday.


Senia Robinson – Staff**
Program Assistant
Finance and Administration
WEDNESDAY, November 13

Mission Focus:  Nigeria.  Nigeria Episcopal Area.  Women’s Coordinator:  Eunice Iliya.


Alysha Thompson – Staff**
Digital Media Producer,
Mission Engagement

Alana Walls - Staff*
Executive for Distance Learning Coordinator
THURSDAY, November 14

Mission Focus:  Poland.  Poland in Mission Together. 
Supporting partnerships between churches in the United States and Poland’s UMC.


Jennifer Moore - Missionary
7524 Cinnabar Terrace
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Albert Willicor - Global Health Missionary
Te United Methodist Church
Tubman Blvd. @ 13th Street     
1000 Monrovia 10

Patricia P. Boudreaux - Staff**
Lead Housekeeper, UMCOR-Sager Brown
FRIDAY, November 15

Mission Focus:  Romania.  Romania in Mission Together. 
Strengthening and expanding the church and contributing to the transformation of society.


Roció Bárcenas Jáuregui - Missionary
25 de Mayo 128
3280 Colón
Entre Rios

Arrie Brandon - Deaconess
10128 Spring Park Drive
Charlotte, NC 28269

Kennedy Oafallas Cruz - Missionary
c/o General Board of Global Ministries
P. O. Box 2493
Phnom Penh 3

Rhett Thompson - Missionary
Apartado Postal 0830-00070
Panama City
SATURDAY, November 16

Mission Focus:  Wesley-Rankin Community Center
Dallas, Texas


Emma Cantor - Regional Missionary
United Methodist Headquarters
900 United Nations Avenue
Room 210
1000 Ermita

Jin Yang Kim - Missionary
          50 Grand Montfleury
1290 Versoix


WEEK 47 - Sunday, November 17, 2019 to Saturday, November 23, 2019

SUNDAY, November 17

Mission Focus:  West Side Community House
Cleveland, Ohio


Kutela Dieudonne Katembo - Missionary
Lgreja Metodista Unida
Rua Commandante Dangereux 46
Caixa Postal 9
Malanje, Angola

Mary Ellen Kris - Deaconess
108 E 82nd Street
New York, NY 10028

Jerome Sahabandhu – Staff**
Mission Theologian in Residence
Office of General Secretary
MONDAY, November 18

Mission Focus:  Democratic Republic of Congo.  South Congo Annual Conference.
Women’s Desk Coordinator:
Jacquie Mujinga Kainda.


Douglas Williams - Missionary
Espejo 423
M5500 Mendoza
TUESDAY, November 19

Mission Focus:  Democratic Republic of Congo.  Western Congo Annual Conference.
Women’s Desk Coordinator:  Alphonsine Moma Kabila.


Hyo-Won Park - Missionary
Dom 79, KB 49
Kanal Griboedova
St. Petersburg 190999
Danielle Taylor – Staff**
Coordinator, Young Adult Ministries
Missionary Service
WEDNESDAY, November 20

Mission Focus:  Uganda.  Uganda/South Sudan Annual Conference of East Africa Episcopal Area. 
Women’s Desk Coordinator:  Rose Musooko.


No Birthdays Listed Today
Pray for Victims of Violence
THURSDAY, November 21

Mission Focus:  Russia.  Christian Leadership for Young Adults. 
Raising a new generation of Christian Disciples.


Sherri Buehl - Deaconess
401 N. Chestnut Street
Barnesville, OH 43713

Linda Viney - Staff*
Administrative Assistant
FRIDAY, November 22

Mission Focus:  Russia.  Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy Social Ministries. 
Providing food assistance, health-care and economic empowerment to marginalized people in Moscow.


Michael Arteen - Missionary
Bethlehem Bible College
P. O. Box 11737
91116 Bethlehem
SATURDAY, November 23

Mission Focus:  Rwanda.  True Vineyard Ministries. 
Constructing a facility and a sheep farm that in the sustainable employment of widows.


Luis Roman Hernandez – Missionary
Condominio Colinas del Sol Edificio D
Apt 1221
Bayamon 00957
Puerto Rico

George Miller - Missionary
Klenkenreute 2
78166 Donaueschingen

Andrew Cheu - Staff*
Production Traffic Associate
Operations, UMW



Addresses for Staff Members:

*475 Riverside Drive
15th Floor
New York, NY 10115

**458 Ponce de Leon Avenue NE—
Atlanta, GA 30308



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Updated November 11, 2019